The Choose of the Litter: Kitty Litter and Odor

July 28, 2023

Odds are if you are a cat operator then you are all as well acquainted with smelly kitty litter. So why is it so challenging to get rid of kitty litter odor? It has to do with Uric Acid. Uric acid is a single of the main parts of cat urine. It is what gives off that terrible odor. The issue will come when uric acid crystallizes. It creates a sturdy bond to what ever substance it is on, and it does not dissolve in drinking water. So this tends to make for a extremely hard odor to take away.

One way to mask kitty litter odor is to acquire a good litter that operates to mask odor.

6 very best suggested kitty litters:

Cherished Cat Extremely High quality Clumping Litter
World’s Ideal Cat Litter-made from corn and biodegradable.
Odor Lockers – New Scent Clumping Litter-made from wood and biodegradable.
New Action Top quality Scoopable Clumping Litter
Dr. Elsey’s Treasured Cat “Cat Attract” Litter
PETCO Scoopable Cat Litter
What are the rewards of natural, biodegradable cat litters over fantastic-grained, clumping clay litters? Not like clay kitty litters, biodegradable cat litter (produced of every little thing from corn to pine wood to recycled newspapers) can be flushed down the bathroom or utilised as mulch or compost. Some house owners also assert these litters do a better occupation of managing odors.

You may want to consider a biodegradable cat litter with a new kitten. Cats are notorious creatures of routine, so if yours has been employing a specific type or manufacturer of litter for several years, it will be really challenging to get it to change. For that reason, proprietors report better achievement making use of biodegradable cat litter with younger cats.

Also attempt preventative odor absorption methods. Sprinkling baking soda on prime of litter absorbs the uric acid on make contact with. Make sure to scoop litter on a every day basis. Not only will this make you satisfied, but kitty will also be satisfied. Keep kitty-spot cleanse. Individually, I am a enthusiast of enzyme goods to kill odor. Enzymes work in mother nature as catalysts, speeding up the method to eliminate odor.

Cat containers come in all styles and sizes. We are lucky to have choices to see what performs for your feline good friend. tofu cat litter promote electronic litter containers making it achievable to by no means contact litter once again. Even so, some cats will be frightened by a litter box that makes sounds. If this isn’t an selection for your cat, line your litter pan with a pan-liner.

Don’t forget that cats are sensitive to their environment. Cats will truly refuse a filthy litter box. Retaining your cat satisfied will ultimately guide to a happier nine lives.

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